2216 N. Broadway Minot, ND 58703

2216 N. Broadway Minot, ND 58703

Multi-Engine Instructor


About the Program

As a multi-engine instructor, you have the unique opportunity to enhance your skills as a multi-engine pilot. It also gives you the opportunity to build the multi-engine time that you need to achieve your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. We would love to help you become a well-rounded flight instructor!


A person who applies for an Multi-Engine Instructor must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language
  • Hold at least 3rd class medical or better
  • Ground School
  • Complete multi-engine instructor flight training
  • Pass multi-engine instructor practical test
  • Get paid while instructing multi-engine students and pilots
  • Advance your multi-engine skills and proficiency
  • Build multi-engine time
Your Multi-Engine Instructor Road Map

Embark on your journey to obtaining a Multi-Engine Instructor with our comprehensive road map, guiding you through every step of the way.

1. Prerequisites

You will need to have your multi-engine rating and a commercial certificate before you start your training.

2. Proficiency

Remember the first part of instructing in multi-engine airplanes is flying them. Shake off the dust and get comfortable handling the plane.

3. Ground School

Throughout your training, study with an online course, self study, one on one with your instructor, or a combination of the three.

4. Flights

A minimum of fifteen multi-engine hours are required before you can take the checkride.

5. Checkride

Once you reach fifteen hours and your instructor has given you an endorsement, get that checkride done!

6. Tests and Exams

Soon you will be ready to take your written exam, which will precede your oral and flight exam with a FAA-designated pilot examiner (DPE). All can be completed right here at the Minot Aero Center.

7. Currency

You will need to renew your instructor certificate every 24 calendar months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your most frequently asked questions.

To be signed off for your MEI check ride, you will need fifteen multi-engine hours as PIC.

The multi-engine and MEI are two separate ratings. You must complete your multi before your
MEI. Talk with your instructor beforehand and let them know your intentions. That way they can
adjust the game plan accordingly to help you reach your goals efficiently.

Yes, two equally rated pilots (you and another MEI) who have both received fifteen hours of dual
in our Seneca (N43134) may qualify to build your last ten hours together as dual crew.