Our Story
Our Story

THe history of The minot aero Center

The Minot Aero Center in conjunction with Pietsch Aircraft Restoration & Repair is a locally owned business. It was founded in 1952 by Alfred Pietsch as Pietsch Flying Service with crop spraying and flight instruction.

In the mid 1950’s Al began selling Mooneys and became an authorized Mooney service center. The business has grown into a full-service shop providing maintenance for our customers and on call maintenance for transients and air carrier operations, as well as flight instruction and pilot services.


In the mid 1990’s, Pietsch Flying Service was owned by Warren Pietsch and renamed to Pietsch Aircraft Restoration & Repair, Inc.

In 2009, Warren Pietsch partnered with Brian Sturm to expand the business to a full service FBO. The business was then named the Minot Aero Center.

In December of 2017, Warren and Brian sold the fuel portion of the business to AvFlight.

The Minot Aero Center is under new ownership and management as of January 1, 2018 when the business was sold to Jay Blessum. Jay was hired as an A&P mechanic in 1990 by the original owner, Al Pietsch. 

Jay went on to earn his IA, private pilot certificate, and single engine and multi engine commercial ratings while employed with the company.


Years later, Jay stepped down as full time A&P/IA to learn the business of aerial application and to expand his experience into new areas. He continued employment with the Minot Aero Center during the off season. In the fall of 2017, Jay returned as a full time A&P/IA to the Minot Aero Center prior to ownership.

The Minot Aero Center has been serving corporate and general aviation from around the world since 1952! Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service to our customers at every opportunity.

Minot Aero Center
2216 N. Broadway
Minot, ND 58703
Phone: 701.852.4092

Minot Aero Center