Minot Aero Center is proud to be a sponsor of the US Aerobatic Team.  The USA 2015 team, which is newly selected, will be competing at the 28th FAI World Aerobatic Championships in Chateauroux-Deols (France) August 19-29th.  We are excited to be a part of what could be unlimited possibilities for the team.  This 2015 team could win both individual male and female titles as well as the team title.   Good Luck USA! Check out some highlights from the competition here.

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Are you interested in Flying, maybe.  Do you just want to see your farm from the air? What about trying to get your pilots license? Well if any of these things sound interesting you should try an Intro Flight.  Intro Flights are only half an hour and are an inexpensive way to try the sky with a friend or on your own.

If you have any questions about Intro Flights please call 701.852.4092


This happy couple just took their first Intro Flight!IMG_1740.1

The Ninety-Nines is the international organization of women pilots that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion for flight.

Established in 1929 by 99 women pilots, the members of The Ninety-Nines, Inc., International Organization of Women Pilots, are represented in all areas of aviation today. And, to quote Amelia, fly “for the fun of it!”


Here at Minot Aero Center & Pietsch Aircraft we proud to present Morgan Emerson with her scholarship and eager to assist her with pursuing her CFI rating. Thank you Morgan for choosing us for your future flight training.


Call if you have any questions 1.701.857.4738

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