Minot Aero Center in conjunction with Pietsch Aircraft Restoration and Repair is a locally owned business that was started in 1952 by Al Pietsch as Pietsch Flying Service with crop spraying and flight instruction. From those humble beginning, the Pietsch name has become synonymous with aviation and is renowned throughout the U.S. and beyond for their involvement on a number of different aviation fronts.

In the mid 1950’s Al began selling Mooneys and became an authorized Mooney service center. That business has grown into a full service shop providing maintenance for our regular customers and on call maintenance for transients and aircarrier operators. The Pietsch family airshow business which features numerous diverse aircraft and acts was started in 1968 with Al flying his homebuilt “hotrod” Starduster Too. In the mid 1970s, Al’s sons Gary, Kent and Warren joined in the airshow business, Warren flying his clipped wing T-Craft and “SchnortenZoomer” and Kent in his Interstate Cadet. To this day Warren and Kent Pietsch continue to be in high demand as award winning performers in the air show business.

Pietsch Flying Service became Pietsch Aircraft Restoration and Repair,Inc. in the late 1990s. Recent aircraft restorations include a Delphin L-29, 2 TBM Avengers, 2 Waco F2s, and a former US air race champion 1938 clipped wing Monocoupe, among many others. Two mid 1930s Luscombe Phantoms, a Beech Staggerwing and an SNJ4 WWII trainer are in various stages of restoration progress at this time. General aviation annuals, repair, and service are a strong part of the Pietsch Aircraft R&R business as well.

Since 2009 we’ve continued to grow our business services to meet our customers needs by adding a new transient hangar and the Minot Aero Center full service FBO.

Minot Aero Center/Pietsch Aircraft Restoration and Repair – Serving corporate and general aviation from around the world since 1952! Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service to our customers at every opportunity.
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