Charter flying is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of private aviation without committing to the expense of ownership. The jet allows you to eliminate unproductive time spent arranging airline schedules, waiting in security lines and being at the mercy of a commercial airline’s timetable.  Business or pleasure, always first class.
The CitationJet has a range of over 1,100 nautical miles non stop, perfect for your trips to Las Vegas, Minneapolis, or Seattle. Charter a flight with us and see why this CitationJet delivers a perfect balance between flexibility, luxury, performance, and efficiency in a light jet. The CitationJet can access executive airports that might be closer to your ultimate destination. Take advantage of the possibilities that are available by traveling on your own schedule and to your chosen city.  Private Jet service for any occasion can be arranged for your specific needs.
Seats: 4-6
Speed: 360kts
Range: 1,100miles +
Our charter staff is ready to assist with the entire trip. We will book hotels and vehicles for your trip. We also partner with other companies in the region to provide options when a charter is needed. It’s our pleasure to provide you with a detailed quote.
Just call 701-852-4092.
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